B-Film - Live @ NODE08

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A high quality recording of the set as it was performed at the NODE08 festival in Frankfurt, featuring Leisure-B and Tonfilm at their best. More info & video: From us, Google Video or YouTube
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Where: Velvet Club, Frankfurt
When: April 12th, 2008, from 21:00 till 23:00

As "B-Film", Leisure-B and Tonfilm have combined their strengths and efforts in order to comply with the expectations of the hundreds of “new media artists” who visited NODE08 at the Velvet Club in Frankfurt. After 7 days of video overload, visitors of this “Forum for Digital Arts” were able to feast their ears on the newest creations of both gentlemen. The set contained a couple of old tracks, rearranged to a fluid live composition, combined with a massive load of new and unreleased material.

The Set-Up:
The idea of the festival was to promote new ways of creating art, so we decided to throw in some extras that would lift the set above the average Ableton Live laptop show. On a gear-level this meant that not only did we both have full midi control over the clip based arrangement on every possible level, we also both had an external effect option (in form of a Korg Kaosspad 3) which could be applied to every channel available in the composition.

Since both Behringer midi controllers were giving automated feedback and a lot of buttons had the same function on both controllers, we could see exactly what the other person was doing at all times. By nifty routing of Ableton Live we made it possible to choose a track at any point of the arrangement, and only apply one of the Kaosspads to this track without any noticeable volume differences. Due to the fact that we both had the option to apply effects parallel to what the other was doing, the possibilities of live composition rose exponentially.

The Touchscreen:
The whole festival was based on the visual programming language “vvvv” so we also included a touchscreen running thes software in our set-up. The screen is running on a separate computer, because we wanted to have better control over Ableton than would be possible when just cloning the main laptop's screen.

The software on the touchscreen laptop is running in “vvvv”. Basically what we did is create four X-Y pads, of which each dynamically sends out an ON signal when touched, followed by the parameters of X and Y, and an OFF signal when not touched. Also we included the possibility to record each pad's motion, keep a certain parameter on HOLD and switch to an extra envelope which relatively scales the parameters of the pads.

All the data is then converted by “vvvv” to MIDI in which every pad has 2 sysex numbers available (one for the X and one for the Y parameter). This data is then sent out through the midi-port to the laptop running Ableton Live. This set-up makes it possible to use any of Ableton's effects as well as any VST you want, just by clicking the desired parameter in Ableton and then using it's assign midi function.

Below is a schematic picture of the live set-up:

Equipment Used:
Core2duo laptop (Running Live)
Pentium 4 laptop (Running vvvv)
M-Audio Firewire 410
Mackie 1202-VLZ
Steinberg 2x2 midi
Ableton Live 7
NI Electronic Instruments FAST FX
Access Virus TI
Behringer BCR2000
VVVV Controlled Touchscreen
Korg Kaoss Pad 3

Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Behringer BCF2000
Behringer FCB1010
Akai MPD16

The Big Idea:
The theory behind the set-up is actually quite simple: it should behave like a two player game console. We tried to reach this goal in a real way by creating an environment where two people could playfully react to pre-programmed changes in a 55 minute set of material gathered from previously made arrangements. An extra dimension was added by using Ableton Live's wide range of random clip-launch options.

Because of the way the arrangement and the set-up are conceived the results of the sessions are quite dynamic. Depending on the mood we were in, the style of the sets varied between loungy and arsekicking. In one version of a session the easy tracks were stretched to the maximum, with extensive use of the re-sampling and effects processing options of the Kaoss Pads, while in other versions the accent was clearly more on the hard-beat drum and bass tracks.

Pre-Recorded Material:

A video of our last session before the show:

A video clip of "Didge" with live footage of the show:

Various External Videos:
Live part 1 (Matrix)
Bass Pack - D&B Remix
Live part 3 (Battle vs. Clown & Dünya Son)
Live part 4 (Kill Pain)
Live part 5 (Larse & Thumbs Up)
Live part 6 (Didge & Kill Pain)
Live part 7 (Matrix & Bass Pack)
Live part 8 (Battle vs. Clown & Simon Quadrat)
Google Video:
Live full 0.2.1beta
Live full 0.3.1beta
Live full 0.3.2beta
Live full 0.4.1beta

External Links:


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