B-Film Ltd - Live at My House

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In a joint effort to accomplish a new degree in funky experimental music, Humanworkshop artists B-Film (Leisure-B and Tonfilm) and ThorLtd teamed up. As B-Film Ltd they present a combination of their feel for electronic music, as well as indulging in a live interpretation of this material. The result is a thirty minute set which covers all the good things modern electronic music has to offer, from IDM to dubstep.
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The Set-Up:
The idea of this follow up to the NODE08 set was basically to try of the set up worked as well for three as it did for two. We decided to throw in some extras that would lift the set above the average Ableton Live laptop show. On a gear-level this meant that not only did Leisure and Thor both have full midi control over the clip based arrangement on every possible level, Tonfilm alsomade sure the composition emerged fluidly and the Virus was behaving, while bot other gentleman had an external effect option (in form of a Korg Kaosspad 3) which could be applied to every channel available in the current playback.

Since both Behringer midi controllers were giving automated feedback and a lot of buttons had the same function on both controllers, we could see exactly what each person was doing at all times. By nifty routing of Ableton Live we made it possible to choose a track at any point of the arrangement, and only apply one of the Kaosspads to this track without any noticeable volume differences. Due to the fact that we both had the option to apply effects parallel to what the other was doing, the possibilities of live composition rose exponentially.

The Touchscreen:
The whole NODE08 festival was based on the visual programming language vvvv so we also included a touchscreen running thes software in our set-up. The screen is running on a separate computer, because we wanted to have better control over Ableton than would be possible when just cloning the main laptop's screen.

The software on the touchscreen laptop is running in vvvv. Basically what we did is create four X-Y pads, of which each dynamically sends out an ON signal when touched, followed by the parameters of X and Y, and an OFF signal when not touched. Also we included the possibility to record each pad's motion, keep a certain parameter on HOLD and switch to an extra envelope which relatively scales the parameters of the pads.

All the data is then converted by vvvv to MIDI in which every pad has 2 sysex numbers available (one for the X and one for the Y parameter). This data is then sent out through the midi-port to the laptop running Ableton Live. This set-up makes it possible to use any of Ableton's effects as well as any VST you want, just by clicking the desired parameter in Ableton and then using it's assign midi function.

Below is a schematic picture of the live set-up:


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