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A music track for short video by Usselino, which was originally based on Autechre's "Vose In". Sweet and epic... More info and Massive presets available here.
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This track is part of a freely downloadable net release:

Back in Space


fret_1 was made with Cinema 4d 11.5 and its Mograph, Deformer Objects (like Explosion FX) and Particle Emitters. Also, After Effects CS4 was used for all the compositing work and some 2.5D-Animations. Inside After Effects, different Plug-Ins like Twitch and Optical Flares from videocopilot.net were also applied. Of course a whole bunch of standard Plug-Ins like Levels,Time-Remapping, Glow, Blur etc, were involved.

Usselino originally created the video based on the Autechre track “Vose In”. After showing the video to Leisure, both gentleman figured that a change of tune might not be a bad idea.

The audio work was then completely redone by using Ableton Live for the sequencing, and NI's Massive and Battery for instrumentation of the harmonies and rhythms. Stay tuned for presets of that.

"I personally very much appreciate geometric primitives. They ave a certain perfection to them and appear very statical. So why not play around with them and make them more vivid somehow, and with that more interesting for a broader audience? How can I do it, and make other people enjoy it as well?

What i first came up with was this little piece: http://vimeo.com/11949589 Within a couple of months, my efforts evolved themselves into fret_1. After I met Gerrit I was hoping he could create an alternative audiotrack for it. Well, he did! And this is our cooperation´s result. Hope you like it! (we do)."

"Even though I very much appreciate Autechre, the sound that they have and the thing that they do live on stage mainly as well, I felt that this video needed a little more than the sometimes overwhelmingly monotone style that they often bring. By taking a very “sound design” like approach to the composition, I hoped to take the feel animation one step higher. "

fret_1 by Equiloud and Leisure-B by Leisure-B


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Posted on Tuesday the 28th of December, 2010 by Maarten Hoogenboom
Very crispy! Music and the vid!


Posted on Wednesday the 29th of December, 2010 by Gerrit Elbrink
A bigger article with Cinema 3d and Massive presets is on the way!