Leisure-B - Didge 0.3.2 (live)

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The live version of Didge 0.3.2 differs from the original mostly by a muting of a lot of elements. Unlike most other tracks, Didge seems to sound best live when it's presented in parts.
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This track is part of a freely downloadable net release:

Live In Space


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Didge by Humanworkshop

Since most people don't just like a certain song, but rather a particular version or cover of a composition, this leaves a wide gap for composers and producers of electronic music. With the Live In Space set up, Leisure tried to create a live environment in which new music can easily be imported and performed intuitively, while at the same time being able to create high quality recordings of the material on the fly. By cutting up the final version of the set in single tracks again, a wide arrange of versions can be created, depending on the mood of the controller and cooperation of other musicians during recording of each new performance.

Didge 0.3.2 original video:


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