Mr Answer - HWS Set 2013

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Exclusive Humanworkshop label showcase mix by Mr. Anwser for the Belgium radio show "Down met de Dannies".
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"Down met de Dannies" is a Belgium underground radio show featuring funk and hip-hop music from over the globe. The show on the 2nd of April featured this mix by Mr. Answer and an exclusive Dutch interview with Leisure-B.


Mentz - Introduction II
Damscray - Sarira Bride
Remus - The Sciolist
ThorLtd - 1984
Trigg - Tron
Damscray - Dancing Tiger
Maartez - I Killed The Rappers
Leisure-B - Bass = Axe (live)
Daan Hendriks - Give Me Your Love (illegal remix / live)
ThorLtd - Prati
Maartez - Kinderkopjes
BASIC - Me Funky You Jane
B-Film - Didge
Daan Hendriks - Shrink in the Bushes (live)
Leisure-B - Ninja (live)

Down Met De Dannies - 2 april 2013 by Quindo on Mixcloud


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