Leisure-B - Atomar Sense remix

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When he first heard Atomar Sense, he was immediately struck by the enormous coolness of the melody lines and orchestration. There was basically no way around doing this remix, which features raps by the man himself, and a future funk solo by Michael Paketov.
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Dunai & Leisure got atomar sense.
Humanworkshop's got the Atomar Sense.

Folks leave me alone 'cause of my dirty tone,
I'm prone to devils and I'm always stoned.
I take the side road to avoid the dense,
go right as well as left with my atomar sense.

What have you got to be so insecure about,
this ain't nothing but a regular drought.
Even in the presence, thanks to Demokritos,
we've still got atomar Sense.

Dunai & Leisure got atomar sense.


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