Remus - Live @ Festival a.d. Werf

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Remus kicking butt at the Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht.
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Yep, it was a great night. We had everything we needed; a big stage, a lot of free beer and a very nice sounding system.

Since the Neude is located in the center of Utrecht, there were a lot of people on the move in our sector and the overall vibe was pleasant, even though there seemed to be a lot of strange people present in Utrecht. Another nice detail: The organization had put up a restaurant facing our stage, so a lot of people were enjoying their dinner when Remus got started, but as the performance got on a lot of people gradually came from their dinner tables to investigate who was making all the noise.

Since we had one and a half hour to get the job done, both gentleman got a nice chance to spread the word, and they got a little help from the two very enthusiastic announcers who were more then willing to make sure everybody knew what was going on. BASIC considered his set not worthy for our webspace since it didnít contain enough new elements to make it stick out (we didnít share his opininon, but we just canít make him, you knowÖ)

Therefore we now only have Remusí set available, plus a couple of pictures off course . We were also going to get some more pictures from Ton (who writes about electronic music) but we havenít heard anything from him yet, so youíll just have to do it with ours.


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