Cinema 4D meets Ableton Live: fret_1

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Wednesday the 29th of December, 2010

Presets of instruments and video used in this clip:

NI Massive presets: (version 1.1.5+) Cinema 4D file:

The Story behind the video:

Leisure-B and Usselino met because of a mutual friendship with Life Without Harold's Henning Worm. Usselino's daytime job consists of Cinema 4D work for bumpers / leaders as well as video editing for major German television networks, which as all jobs might be quite all right, sure as hell doesn't satisfy the creative urges to an acceptable level.

This is why in his spare time, Usselino works on video projects which allow him to get out of the hipness box, and dive in to a more artistic level of 3d composition and video editing. Fret_1 started out as one of these projects, triggered by a little screentest, also on one of Autechres tracks:

When Leisure and Henning came over to him for a beer, Usselino showed the unfinished video, immidiatly sparking Leisure's enthousiasm for it's style and animation techniques. Since “Vose On” is quite a monotone track, Leisure then went on to suggest that a change of sound might not be a bad idea to better accentuate the video's extraordinary animation feel.

To keep a long story short, a completely new score was then composed and orchestrated in Ableton Live, using Native Instruments Battery (mainly the Origami kit), FM8 and Massive (from which presets used in the track are available for download in the links featured above).

Leisure: "I tried to approach the composition as “sound design” as possible. Since the video was animated on the BPM (117) and rhythmical accents of “Vose On”, all I really had to do drum wise was find out which accents Usselino had used for his main video events. After creating the drums on those accents, most of the composition was just tweeking knobs and experimenting with note placement.

Since Ableton Live has excellent video support, I could just run the video in the loop region I was working in, and experiment with Native Instrument's Massive's great synthesizing capabilities. I usually start of with an init patch, and work my way towards the sound which I feel is fitting for the events in the video. The only exception to this rule however is the second bassline, which originates from Durk Kooistra's WODAN bass, available for download in his 10 Free Massive Patches

Stay tuned for more to come!


Mp3 version:
Leisure-B - fret_1


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