fret_1 extras: VJ clips & bass programming tut

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Thursday the 13th of January, 2011

Massive presets:

Tutorial presets

Original fret_1 presets

Original Neuro Bass Hive presets containing WODAN

Since the fret_1 video seems to be doing quite well on YouTube as well as Vimeo, we decided to complete the cycle by unraveling a bit of the production magic in three in-depth fret tutorials. In this first tutorial, Durk shows how to create the heavy ripping bass-line modulations as they are applied in the second half of the video.

Also, Equiloud has made available 20 VJ clips available for free download in HD format, but first up:

Durk's "Fat Reese Bass in Massive Tutorial":

Since even the best music is not complete without a pretty picture, Equiloud has granted us the rights to host 20 VJ clips for you to download in HD format. Each of beneath listed packs contains 10 loopable videoclips with an .mp4 extension.

The footage is very diverse and each clip has it's own vibrant atmosphere. Both packs are ideal to use as stock footage in you midi triggered video installation, or as backgrounds in sequenced compositions:

Pack 1 (videos 01-10):

Download Equiloud's VJ clips file 1 to 10 [109MB]

Pack 2 (videos 10-20):

Download Equiloud's VJ clips file 11 to 20 [110MB]

So, that's it for the moment! Stay tuned for the upcoming fret_1 video tutorial, in which Equiloud's Uwe explains in depth how he created some of the effects in the video. Also I myself will soon give out another tutorial in which I'll show how I used NI's Battery along with the Origami Kit to create the drums for fret_1.


Mp3 version of fret_1:
Leisure-B - fret_1



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Posted on Tuesday the 25th of January, 2011 by retina error
fret_1 is a really nice piece of work... it's inspiring.... thanks guys... oh the sound is great as well but Iam more into visuals... peace!


Posted on Saturday the 26th of May, 2012 by
I am very impressed with everything explained here, honestly I'm learning a lot from you guys, but I can not understand some things in English ... but not a big problem ;) I fully understand all their theories and techniques!

thank you very much, from Argentina!