Saine, from Finland with love

Written by Durk Kooistra on Thursday the 01st of October, 2009
If you like Juri, be sure to check out Saine. A good introduction to his work is his new release Clockwork EP.

Lauri Saine is a Finnish composer, focusing on instrumental music beyond genres. Being on a constant look-out for new musical perspectives has allowed him to shape a sound signature you won't come across elsewhere. He released his debut album 'Imagine This' on Helsinki-based Cymbidium Records in 2007, previously having released numerous classic netlabel releases on Tokyo Dawn Records. At the age of 26 Saine has now released his second album entitled ‘Break A Pattern’ digitally and as a limited double LP edition.

Clockwork is continuing on the path Saine had set out in the past. Combining production techniques made popular by the likes of Flying lotus, with organic sounds. Saine brings you a great produced, laidback and harmony rich EP, for free. You can't go wrong there now can you?

Check it out here


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