Christmas is coming!

Written by Durk Kooistra on Friday the 18th of December, 2009
Its christmas, and in true holiday spirit Humanworkshop is spreading some musical gifts. 3 free net-releases by Maartez, Mentz and Damscray!

Maartez and Frits performed live at Stork Radio, and its one of the best electronic music performances with live drums I've ever heard. Luckily it has all been recorded and we will be releasing the complete session.

Mentz has been doing some gigging this summer and did extensive collaborations with a violinist (Roosje Raab), a Clarinet player (Wouter Suren) and on trumpet Krisztián Ákos Muhari.

Albert Khasanov, better known as 'Damscray'. Blends exotic, nomadic beats with a myriad of other influences on this coming EP entitled: "Your Rainbow Colour Changer EP".

On christmas eve we will start with the 1st release. Followed by the second on 1st christmas day and the 3rd on the second christmas day.

To get you all in the mood listen to this DJ mix by Albert and below a video teaser for the coming EP:

Damscray's Gimme5

Video Teaser

Video By Durk Kooistra. Original footage from the Prellinger Archive "Indian Love Burlesque". Additional Footage by Durk Kooistra. Licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike Non commercial Attribution 3.0


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