Life Without Harold

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Sunday the 20th of December, 2009

Henning Worm
Henning Worm is a young and upcoming script writer and video producer from Bielefeld, Germany. His unconventional style in storytelling as well as his camera use always give a very edgy feel to his work, as can be seen in his new short film “Life Without Harold”.

"Life without Harold" premiered at the 8th Bünder Shortfilm Festival, at which Henning also contributes as organiser and host. This years theme was “Life”, which Henning chose to translate into this thriller like short, with himself featuring as the main character.

Henning at first created a version of the film using 3 songs which were giving the film a very sharp tone, but which weren't allowed to be used in the film due to possible copyright violations. This is where we came in.

After a long hard dig through our Single Tracks department, I came up with three tracks of which I thought they could replace the original songs: Damscray – Jackals Story, Tonfilm – Semendjadjew and Remus – Harmelect. To finish it off nicely, I also gave the sound effects a smooth post production workover.

See the film:

Listen to the soundtrack:

Damscray - Jackals Story
Tonfilm - Semendjajew
Remus - Harmelect


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Posted on Sunday the 20th of December, 2009 by Albert Khasanov
wow...stylish, i like it! and your cap Gerrit!)