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Written by Durk Kooistra on Tuesday the 26th of January, 2010
We are uploading all our net-label releases to the Free Music Archive. A project where you can discover new music curated by the likes of Dublab, ESP Disk, WFMU  and now Humanworkshop.

The Free Music Archive

The FMA made the search for good, free music so much easyer. Mostly because it is curated by a group of pioneers of internet radio and music blogging, unlike the un-moderated Internet Archive (IA), where a search yields more quantity than quality. (not disregarding the importance of the IA in anyway) But also the  layout and the indexing of the music is streamlined towards the philosophy of the project: discovering and sharing "free' music.

To enhance the reading experience and demonstrating the sharing element of the FMA a little musical treat:

So what is "free" music?
it's much more than just freely downloadable mp3's without paying anybody (accept your internet bill).

Every mp3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.

The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, a freeform internet radio station (also broadcasting at 91.1 fm in New York)  and (beware of the) (mp3)blog. With this background comes a long history with  dealing with the ever changing music industry.

Are you a podcaster looking for pod-safe audio?  A radio or video producer searching for instrumental bed music that won't put your audience to sleep?  A remix artist looking for pre-cleared samples?  Or are you simply looking for some new sounds to add to your next playlist?  The Free Music Archive is a resource for all that and more, and unlike other websites, all of the audio has been hand-picked by established audio curators.  

Since HWS is a big fan of plunderphonics the FMA is not only a source to share our own music, but also to use it as a resource for new music.

filter on FMA

Humanworkshop will make an album using the afore mentioned method. Plunderphonics done the legal way. Take an idea and make it in to something new, like all the artists before us did. We will keep you up to date about this project, via our blog on humanworkshop.com and via the HWS blog on FMA. Let's hope the FMA is a sign of  how the music industry as a whole will look like sometime this century.

Other curators.

A selection of curators that are highly recomended for our readers and listeners:

Dublab is a non-profit web radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture. We have been broadcasting independently since 1999. Our audience of turned-on listeners connect from around the world. dublab's mission is to share beautiful music via the world's best djs. What you hear on dublab crosses genres and defies classification. Unlike traditional radio, the dublab djs have total freedom of selection. You will experience many different sounds but find they all have the same soulful root. We have extended our creative action to include art exhibits, film projects, event production and record releases.

ESP-DISK’ opened for business in New York City in 1966 on the 12th floor of 156 5th Avenue. During its first 18 months, 45 albums were recorded and released, featuring previously unknown free improvisational artists. The only exceptions were Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley, both of whom had gained global recognition during the 1950's. Artists who made their debuts as leaders on ESP included Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Gato Barbieri, Bob James, Marion Brown, Roswell Rudd, Burton Greene, Patty Waters, Henry Grimes, Charles Tyler, Sunny Murray, Milford Graves, Sonny Simmons, Ronnie Boykins and Frank Wright. Several of these artists were then quickly sought out and recorded by the Impulse and Columbia labels. ESP had signed no term agreements with its artists, anticipating that this might happen, and that they would then enjoy promotional support from these large companies

Excavated Shellac A blog dedicated to 78rpm recordings of folkloric and vernacular music from around the world. "These items are from my own collection (unless noted) and have been transferred to the best of my abilities, without the aid of expensive noise reduction software. They are for research purposes only. With just a few rare exceptions, I post items that are not available on CD in any way, shape, or form."

Humanworkshop is always focusing on new ways to discover and share good music.  We try to find a balance between making money with music and sound design and  sharing it with as many people as possible.  We release and produce CD's,  and  our artists are released on vinyl from time to time.  But the format is just a small part of our artistic expressions.  The internet, open source software and collaboration are a vital part of our "commercial strategy" to make money with sounds and music.

Humanworkshop on the FMA


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