The Dinky Toy Remix EP

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Monday the 01st of February, 2010
As most of you will know, we organised a Dinky Toy Remix Competition, and today is the day to announce the winners!


Lysdexic - Dinky Toy Remix
We loved this track for its sound, groove and production. It's pretty far off from the original tune, which we quite liked as well - and one can still recognise the guitar bits somewhere in there. Let's face it, this track just rocks, we'd love to hear it over a loud soundsystem!

Jimi Python

Jimi Python - Dinky Toy Remix
This remix could be considered quite conservative as it retains Dinky Toy's feel and style, but it has this cinematic touch which neatly fits the Humanworkshop sound. Especially the string arrangements that Jimi added are really very nice indeed. All in all a lovely tune to listen to..

And not only have we got contributions from external sources, our very own Daan Hendriks (a.k.a. BASIC!) also joined in with a very unexpected contribution as his new alias Mr. Answer!

Mr. Answer

Mr. Answer - Dinky Toy Remix
Snappy, to the point and building up relentlessly - a tightly controlled, compact electro/dance take on the original material.

We will approach the winners over email to for shipping information regarding the HWS goodies package.

Congratulations guys!

We've also selected one runner up, who will not be included in the downloadbable EP, but whose track we thought had an interesting interpretation on the material and deserve attention:


Solyon - Dinky Toy Remix
It appears he was the only one to recognise the jazz evergreen in the source material:)

You can now download the entire Dinky Toy remix EP in one piece, or singe file through the link below:

Dinky Toy Remix EP

Original contributions:


Hot Wheels (Dinky Toy remix)


Dinky Toy


Kinky Boy (Dinky Toy Remix)

God Hates Fags

Sleazy Dinky
So to wrap it up, we would like to thank everyone who joined the competition for their amazing work and devotion to the cause of creating electronic music! Hope to see you next time...

-PS We're still sending out feedback to everyone who joined in the competition, if this hasn't reached you yet, expect it in your mailbox in the next few days

External links:

- Jimmy Python @ Myspace
- Lysdexic @ Myspace


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Posted on Tuesday the 02nd of February, 2010 by Raoul Santos
Those remixen really turned out great. Love the diverse sounds. Personal favourite is from Jimy Python i must say. Great extra touch with the string ensemble in it.
Thanks for the download!