Massive Basics to advanced Tutorial

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Friday the 19th of February, 2010

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After being flashed by Durk's ThorLtd's Massive Wobble Explorations, my neighbour Andy lately pointed me to a brand new tutorial series by The Sound Tutor. In his video tutorials, The Sound Tutor explores the darker sides of NI's Massive quite thoroughly.

Starting at the most basic point of programming, The Sound Tutor manages to create a clear view of how to use Massive's various oscillators, filters and modulators in a down to earth way so even the worst noob can understand, while still containing a lot of interesting bits for the hardcore programmers to enjoy. If you work with Massive and you are looking for the grimiest sound while still remaining full control of it's spectrum, these tutorial are a must see!

Part 1: Introduction video

This video explains what the tut is about.

Part 2: Getting started

This video explains some of the basic oscillator functions.

Part 3: Setting the tone with Oscillators, Amp ADSR & the Modulation oscillator

This video explains some of the more advanced oscillator and envelope functions, getting a lot more interesting along the way.

Part 4: Voicing and pitch options

This video shows how to take your sound a lot further using various unison and pitch modulation configurations. Very interesting in this part: the pitch modulation on the oscillators controlled by an ADSR envelope, which creates a very punchy bass sound.

Part 5: Signal Routing, Filters, Effects and Noise

This video shows how to take your sound even further using filters and effects. The interesting part of this video is the way Massive's feedback option can create a much fuller sound without saturating the tonal spectrum.

Part 6: Envelope and LFO modulation

This video shows how to use modulation in order to get a very diverse sound. The interesting part of this video is the way parameters can be influenced by the velocity input of MIDI notes, which makes it very easy to get a dynamic sound while only altering a note's volume.

Part 7: The Performer

This video explains one of Massive's most interesting features, the performer. The performer makes it possible to easily create tempo synced modulation for any of massive's parameters.

Part 8: Modulating the modulator

This video explains how to create an even more interesting sound by modulating any modulators you might have added to your sound. As mentioned before, for example by modulating the output of the performer with the velocity input.

Part 9: Automation

This video explains how to use your DAW to creatively modulate Massive' parameters through automation.

Part 10: More modulation uses for animated tone

This video explains how to create an even nastier sound by modulating oscillator and eq parameters.

Part 11: Creating the sub bass to go with the mid hi bass

This video explains how to create multiple layers in order to create a noticeable difference between various parts of your track while remaining it's musical integrity.

Part 12: Technique in practice

This video explains how to use the lessons learned to create various succeeding parts for your track.

Part 13: Technique in practice - example two

This video explains how to use the lessons learned to create various succeeding parts for your track.


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Posted on Saturday the 30th of October, 2010 by Jan Bratslavsky
this has got to be one of the best video tutorials i've ever seen. this stuff is exactly what i've been looking to tackle. many, many thanks.

Thanks TST

Posted on Tuesday the 09th of November, 2010 by Gerrit Elbrink
Hi Jan!

Indeed so, quite brilliant. This gave me the push I needed to dive deep into Massive's digital bowels. So much detail and clearness, I wouldn't be able to create the sounds I do at the moment without having seen this.

A10 Aleks

Posted on Friday the 31st of December, 2010 by Aleks Limon
Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks for a wonderful tutorial. Certainly the best I've ever seen!

Thanks !!!

Posted on Monday the 17th of June, 2013 by AILLOUD Vincent
Great tutorial, explained very fast but we're no lost, just wow, what an awesome pedagogue !!!
Thanks a lot, it is really useful to truly understand Massive, and to know how awesome he is, i've always made my basslines by touching this, and then this to see what would happen,
but now I can say "I touch it to do that" (I don't know if you'll understand the meaning of that crap ...) !

So thanks again, these tutorials always stay with me if I forget something, and if I have some money some day i'll surely donnate !!