Jimi Python

Written by Durk Kooistra on Friday the 19th of March, 2010
After winning the Remix competition, we asked Jimi what hes been up to before, and looking forward to things to come.

Jimi Python's Dinky Toy Remix

Jimi Python is 30 year old producer/artist from Helsinki Finland. He started to make his own music about seven years ago. His number one instrument is violin (which can be heard in the dinkytoy remix) and he play guitar as well. Jimi Python is a member in several bands like: Mellow Dog Society, Uusi Fantasia, Hetikotha and The Jar.

Listen to Jimis'  remix "Silver Falls (Jimi Python Remix) - Vishnudata"

Silver Falls (Jimi Python Remix) - Vishnudata by Exogenic Records


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