Polymass on Antilounge 8

Written by Durk Kooistra on Monday the 28th of February, 2011
Maartez and ThorLtd decided to join forces and start a new project called Polymass. The first track ready for release by the duo is due in March. The track Tjok got featured on the double vinyl edition of Antilounge 8.

Polymass - tjok by Durk Kooistra


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Very nice...

Posted on Tuesday the 01st of March, 2011 by Gerrit Elbrink
Pre-order me a copy please, Durk!


Posted on Wednesday the 02nd of March, 2011 by durk kooistra
Website: http:/durkkooistra.com
I'll send you a copy this week,



Posted on Thursday the 03rd of March, 2011 by Gerrit Elbrink
Can't wait to hear the whole record! I'll be sure to post a little review here. Thanks again!