Some real McFreaky $hit

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Friday the 04th of March, 2011
Now, lets be honest... I don't want to judge anyone here, but we all know the ''Mac User''. Sure, anyone individual could use a Mac, but there's that certain brand of peeps (the ones that also drewl all over their analogue gear (you know who I'm talkin' to, Chris ;)), the ones who just can't be brought to reason.

Now, I know that I'm speaking for my self here, but let me just sum up a couple of ''pro'' arguments of being against a Mac:

1: It costs less

2: It does more

3: It doesn't turn you in to a maniac, for example like most of the people in this film:

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Now, I don't mean to sound like an a$$ on this one, but please always agree with me, it's all about the means, not about the... ehhhhrr... computer that leads you to the supposed ends?!


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