Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Thursday the 31st of March, 2011

Wip Vernooij
Wip Vernooij, currently living and working in London, is a brilliant young and upcoming animator from the Netherlands. Wip has been doing business with us since way back in art school, the latest collaboration being the Moshi-Monsters trailer which he finished with the help of our very own Daan Hendriks.

When Wip is not busy creating animations for some fancy firm, he likes to work on projects which allow him to output his animation skills in a less restrictive and more impulsive way. This video, which he animated on a rainy afternoon in the end of last year, is a great example of that.

Since Wip is no stranger to sound design, he cunningly created it at first himself. The results were pleasing, but not optimal, he asked me do go over the sound and pump it up a bit.

The original sound mainly remains in tact, but I added various layers of synthesizer sounds, redid the foliage and recorded new vocal tracks. Wip does the sheep btw ;). Music by Sebastian Schneider.


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