3D Video Projection - Maartez vs Chris Staring

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Tuesday the 06th of September, 2011
About three months ago, we received a request for the use of Maartez track Godless Etended Remix from a certain Chris Staring for a video project he was working on. Since we enjoy such requests a lot, we went straight on to take a look at Chris' project, but at first it wasn't quite clear to me what was happening.

Chris had managed to create a complete band set up of instruments, in clean white, on which he could project whatever he wanted. After finally logically convincing my brain of the reality on the screen, I was very amazed by what Chris had managed to pull off.

At present, the project has been completed, and basically dwarfs the amazement factor of first couple of test, which honestly were quite fine indeed. So, without further a do, Skare media's Instrument Mapping:

Instrument Mapping from Chris Staring on Vimeo.

Godless Extended Remix

All Away - edit;erase by edit;erase

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