Andy Rüter on Divided

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Monday the 26th of December, 2011

Andy Rüter
Andy (a.k.a. DisChord) has been making techno music long before me and him started the Indikings project. In fact, the whole project is based on tracks selected by him for the dj sets we did in 2010. Andy has been busy creating music as a techno producer since about 2000, and has a couple of releases in collaboration with other German technoheads.

After putting his latest work on soundcloud, it didn't take too long for Italian label Divided to notice him and offer him a release and distribution deal for his two tracks "Partial Damage" and "Puncture". Both solid minimal techno tracks, I can't say much usefull about it, so have a listen for yourself!

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Or, on Soundcloud:
Andy Rüter - Partial Damage by Divided Recordings

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