FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Monday the 01st of October, 2012

Download the required files here: (Ableton 8.2, FM8 1.2.0)

Download now [4 MB]

We haven’t been publishing very much tutorials lately, but we’d hereby like to state that this hurts us as much as it does you guys. We’re all working on cool projects, but unfortunately this leaves little time to do a lot of free-bees for Humanworkshop.

Leisure-B decided to make up for the paid tutorials he’s been doing for by creating the “FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial” which features a nice goodie pack and is of course free to watch on Youtube:

As mentioned, Leisure did an extensive tutorial on the same material for, which you can watch here:

More information:


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