Building the Ton-Kraft Studio

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Friday the 26th of October, 2012

L-B & Andy
As you might have noticed, we've been quite busy doing audio projects all over the place, but we've spend little time looking towords the spaces in which we've been working. And no wonder, since building serious studio space is usually a job best left to the professionals.

Andy had been busy with producing music since the year 2000, in which he spend his heritage on his first serious production equipment. His main goal was producing Techno music, but since his musical taste had developed way beyond that, he basically tried out everything he could in order to develop his skills.

After he'd heard that L-B was looking for a place to live in the country side through a mutual friend, he decided that this was the time to embark on a serious audio journey. Since he's quite picky in all areas of life, and has always had trouble with the quality of the playback of audio in his studio, he asked Leisure-B for a definitive answer to the matter.

Having studied sound design and composition, L-B was pretty sure he could supply an answer to all of Andy's problems. Unfortunately this was not the case. Because of this, L-B and Andy have spent many hours discovering the wonder of acoustic treatment, and actually happened to turn it into a video tutorial as well!

This video tutorial series will be published over a period of time, and at the moment you can only watch part 1 / Intro and part 2 / The Failed Attempt. This is because the studio, as well as the rest of the tutorial series is not done yet :). So, without further a do:

Building the Ton-Kraft Studio – Part 1 / Introduciton:

Building the Ton-Kraft Studio – Part 2 /The Failed Attempt:

Extra information & downloads:


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