VERZET - Soundtrack by Remus

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Wednesday the 02nd of October, 2013
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I consider myself to be someone who can safely feel at home in the grand world of cinema. I watch a lot of film, and just to make sure we're on the same level, I also put great effort into seperating the wheat from the chaff.

Now, I'm also from Holland, which most certainly isn't known for it's great contributions to the earlier mentioned "grand world". To tell you the truth, my upright opinion is that basically anything produced for the white screen in the Netherlands can be considered garbage by default. The bigger the production, the more unwatchable it basically becomes.

I don't want to go into detail about the damage to quality by forced nakedness or unavoidable low caliber jokes in Dutch film, so let's get straight to the worst genre it produces: War films. WW2 films are produced in Holland like diaria, and most of the time they have no realistic historic perspective whatsoever, let alone contain anything thought-provoking.

It's not like Holland has anything to be proud of in the particular historic period covered in the film, but Dutch film producers just seem to consider it a goose with golden eggs I guess. What are you gonna do.

Rob Lücker and Luuk van Bemmelen didn't seemed bothered by the bad reputation of Dutch war films. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, they created something actually worth watching. In a brilliand and humanistic way, they tell the story as it's much more likely to have happened.

Into all this cinematic violence, our very own Remus (which is a good friend of Rob by the way) was asked to do the score to the project. With a smooth combination of classical arrangements and Russian influences, Remus managed to pull the amazing screen action up to the level an international audience would no doubt enjoy.

Go watch it!


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