Way To The Nautilus

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Wednesday the 04th of December, 2013

Download the presets here:


Inspired by the calming effects of marine life, EQUILOUD fired up his graphics beast for some deep sea exploration on the digital plane. He used Cinema 4D and its Mograph Tools for the animation and all editing was done in After Effects.The result is an intriguing combination of simple geometric shapes and complex evolutionary forms, set in a clean decor of white on white.

After completing the entire animation, EQUILOUD gave Leisure a ring and asked him to create some custom sound design for the highly specialised graphics. Leisure had been digging deep in synthesizer theory over the last couple of months, and he decided it would be best to use only digital software synths for the main part of the audio.

Native Instruments is clearly calling the shots in VSTi land and this made Leisure think it would be a good idea to go solely for their classics, Massive and FM8, as the tone generators for this project. FM8 is perfect for sound design, since one has an enormous amount of control over the way the programmed sound evolves due to the detailed envelopes and large amount of oscillators.

Since a lot of the sounds were based on the movement of water, noise also played a major role in the first stages of sound design. FM8s weak spot happens to be the noise generator area, and this is where Massive comes in handy. Massive has a very simple but effective noise generator, which can be directly routed to two different filters. This makes is perfect for creating wave and sploosh like sounds.

All the patches used in this video (which make up about 90% of the entire sound design) are available for download. Enjoy!

EQUILOUD’s C4D tutorials on the subject:


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