Steelan Intangible Remix

Written by Durk Kooistra on Friday the 18th of July, 2014
Artwork for the remix

Steelan is a newcomer to the scene but making waves like a fat boy jumping in the pool. While in the age of 'self released' music by your 9 year old nephew cluttering your social media feed, the approach taken by Steelan is rather refreshing.
Earning his chops the hermit way for 7 years prior. Why upload your WIP when you could improve on it? Not in it for the 'likes' you'll be hard pressed finding background info on this guy.

The song is heavyily drenched in sound design you would expect to hear in the new Alien movie. The bass is merged very vocal edits that flow along with the intricate drum work. It flows along and emerges you in a very lovely bubble.

Not in it for the 'likes' you'll be hard pressed finding background info on this guy.

That's why we asked Steelan to get some write downs from his befriended producers.

Frequent, creator of the original: "When the up and coming artist going by "Steelan" asked to remix Intangible, I didn't know exactly what to expect. Upon hearing what he came up with however, I was stunned to say the least. The track demonstrates incredible manipulation of textures and creates a lush atmosphere in which still holds true to the original song. The sound is something entirely new, something I feel I have been waiting to hear for a long time. Steelan's remix pushes the boundary of neuro and proves that he will no doubt be an influential artist within the community."

Being compared to Amon much? "Tune is deep, dynamic with an incredible sound design. Something Amon Tobin would be proud of!" as noted by AEPH.

Our friends from the UK Torquox: "The sound design in this track is next level, great atmosphere, stereo-image and lovely wet bass! The time and effort gone into this speaks for itself, awesome tune.".

And ofcourse; Koan SOUND on the remix: "The intricate percussion against the deep heavy bass is very satisfying to listen to. A nice track with a great stereo mix."

Brings us to our friends from Audeka, who recently released the well received Business Box here on HWS; "The attention to detail, and subtle futuristic tones in this production are incredible. A balance among production value, pleasant sounds, and emotion make this track very unique."

"Sounding brilliant, I love the way Steelan merged these cool basslines with that unique beat, very talented guy." Maztek.

Support also comes from the Neuro Funk Grid: "When I first heard this, I was thoroughly impressed. His second ever published tune, Steelan manages to both make it clean and contain more vibes than the vibration function on my cellphone. This is what he sounds like at the start of his career; I can't wait to hear how he sounds a couple of years down the line." Sampo.

"Easily the best neuro sound design i've ever heard, honestly topping everyone in the scene on a sound design level." Sorrow.

"Steelan has been a really refreshing take on neuro and modern sound design techniques. All with a brilliant sense of rhythm and constantly evolving sounds that without sounding out of context or random. I see this remix as the start of a very interesting and solid production career, ever pleasing to the ears and an example of 'no bounds creativity' that anyone can take influence from, including myself. Biggups Steelan!" Kursa

'It maintains the vibes of the original tune but still managed to create something new and fresh. The quality of the sound design in this tune is HUGE." DET


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