Free Foley & FX library by Enzella and Phobia

Written by Durk Kooistra on Tuesday the 02nd of September, 2014
Enzella made a free pack of goodies for you all to download. Twentythree years old and hailing from Itally he has been releasing sample packs for loopmasters.

"I've worked with loopmasters for 2 sample libraries, Patchworx 46 and 50. For the library I've set all the materials, recorded, cut the samples and made some random atmos, percs and fx with them."
- Enzella

He collaborated with his friend, 22 year old Phobia who was responsible for helping with the mic's and recording.

It's great to see people sharing the thing they love, sounds. And foley sounds are always welcome!


Foley (Enzella & Phobia)
Zip 70MB


Enzella Soundcloud page
Phobia Soundcloud


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I love new sounds.

Posted on Wednesday the 03rd of September, 2014 by Gerrit Elbrink
Great guys! Gonna use it in my next arrangement :)