Trigg & Gusset - Adagio for the Blue

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Sunday the 08th of November, 2015
Renowned Dutch artist Bart Knol, known for his versatile releases which currently cover just about the complete spectrum of the Dutch music scene, is back. This time with composer and woodwind specialist Erik van Geer.

Bart Knol and Erik van Geer

Both gentleman released their first album, Legacy of the Witty, in 2013 on the Polish label Preserved Sound. Now they’re back with number two: Adagio for the Blue. This mature and genuinely old school release offers ten brand new compositions, performed by an exquisite selection of musicians, among others trumpeter Coen Hamelink, flamenco-guitarist Midas Ghijsels and double bass players Just Lavooy and Dominique Bentvelsen.

The production of the album was done by composer and pianist Bart Knol himself, and he has clearly succeeded in surpassing the modern day standard by a long shot. Each track has a distinct atmosphere in composition as well as in sound, which makes the experience of listening to Adagio for the Blue more than just the sum of listening to each of its individual tracks.

Ranging from classical to avant garde, and sometimes even with a hint of progressive rock, one gets the seldom feeling that this particular bundle of music is a complete and well thought through piece of art which will sustain its integrity for many decades to come.

You can go over to iTunes or Spotify and grab a copy there, or you can download the tracks from right here:

Download now [121MB]

Or download alternatively as a ZIP file here:

Download now [121MB]

Since this is also a physical release by previously mentioned Polish label Preserved Sound, you will also be able to get your hands on a limited edition Vinyl or / and CD version of Adagio for the Blue at Bandcamp. You’ll have to be quick about it though, they seem to fly off the shelves ;)

Limited edition Vinyl and CD are now available

If you feel that simply enjoying these guys’ music on your stereo isn’t enough, you can also go and see them live on numerous occasions in the near future. The first gig will be at the Adagio for the Blue release party on the 21st of November in de Kikker in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Further performances will be announced on the Trigg & Gusset Facebook page.

More information:


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