Caveone - Upgraded

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Wednesday the 25th of November, 2015
Canadian artist Daniel Mansour, a.k.a. Caveone, has been focussed on music ever since he could remember. Even before he picked up piano lessons at a very young age he was busy deciphering the universal language that rhythm and harmonies can entail. Though having control over an instrument makes it a lot easier to translate feelings and intuition into the musical spectrum, he was eager to discover that the rabbit hole turned out to be a lot deeper these days.

Caveone in the studio

As soon as he discovered the possibilities of a solid daw and virtual orchestration, there was no getting him away from it. The result of these, well, let us call them obsessions, is this solid five track EP which is filled with classical compositions combined by and torn apart with a fine blend of up to date electronica. Dark and heavy basslines breaking on the shore of strong sample based orchestreal themes, accompanied by big drums and percussion.

You can go over to iTunes or Spotify and grab a copy there, or you can download the tracks from right here:

Download now [44MB]

Or download alternatively as a ZIP file here:

Download now [44MB]

More information:


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