Children Of The Nautilus

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Saturday the 20th of August, 2016

Download the presets here:


After doing a video for audio giant THX, Leisure-B and EQUILOUD figured it was time again to go back to the basics. It’s a lot of fun working under enormous pressure and living up to the highest of expectations, but doing something laidback and free of external judgement can also be a very enjoyable path to walk.

Since both gentlemen were very enthusiastic about the look and feel of Way To The Nautilus, they decided to pick things up where they left. This latest creation also features a combination of basic and amazingly complicated animations of elementary geometrical forms. All animation was done with C4D, while cut and post production was done with Adobe After FX.

Leisure also did not change course on the sound design. As with Way To The Nautilus, all sounds were done with Native Instruments FM8 and MASSIVE, and were intuitively created from empty patches exclusively for this video. We very much hope you enjoy using them for your own projects!


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