Audeka - Lost Souls

Written by Durk Kooistra on Sunday the 25th of September, 2016

Audeka is a trio from Wisconsin that has been releasing heavy bass music for a while now, garnering support from the likes of Moody Good and Noisia.

Here on Humanworkshop we have been happy to release the lovely free EP Business Box. This new release steps up their already formidable production level. And the release engulfs you with more organic textures and musicality than ever before.

The stage is set with a familiar big sound of the lads on the opening track Engulfing Darkness. It is followed by what becomes a pattern on the release; cinematic acoustic instruments intertwined with their signature sound design laden style on 'Lost Love'.

Another transition from their previous output is the mere fact the album listens as a complete journey. Somewhat of a rarity in 'the current year'. The Album never ceases to engage the listener. From amazement over that perfectly tuned snare to the stunning strings. Once you arrive at Archedemon you find yourself nodding to the more Audeka-esque bass sounds, reminding you what an amazing transition this release actually is. The signature wonky hi hats with bumps that lead in to a huge talking bass.

The mellow track Soul Veil eases you with it's pumping sidechain compression and moody vocals. It's not the only track with vocals tho.

We also had the opportunity to work with some friends of ours for vocal content. Explaining our story and lyrics to them, and seeing their excitement and execution of the ideas using their voice, was a fantastic experience. Also working with Rawtekk was an absolute blast. They seemed to just get it. We explained what our vision was for our collaboration, Necromancy, and from there on things went very naturally. - from their interview with UKF
The album is a transition to a more adventurous and musical Audeka. You can hear the evolution; the influences from the likes of Rawtekk to Murcof give their new style another layer of depth to an already impressive body of work.
One of the most impressive of this year for sure. Must buy.


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