Kreng DJ Set

Written by Durk Kooistra on Friday the 13th of February, 2009
If there is one man who totally commits himself to listening to music besides composing it, it would be Kreng. His studio walls are transformed into musical libraries. A chronologically kept archive stacked with amazing rarities of the finest vinyl and CD releases. Thus we are really pleased to announce a DJ mix by Kreng which he made back in the days for Fant00m. Like a librarian who knows every passage of every book Kreng mixes a selection of his archive of vinyl and CD with out any sequencing or edits.

The DJ-set was played by Kreng using only unaccompanied solos on single instruments by some of the world’s best improvising musicians. The combination of free jazz & modern classical creates a tense hybrid. None of these musicians have actually been in the same room. The combination of these very individual statements creates a new world in sound.

Kreng's Kreng DJ Set

1. LESTER BOWIE – Down Home (trumpet)
2. MIKE PATTON – Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust) (voice)
3. DIAMANDA GALAS – Smell (voice)
4. RAJESH MEHTA – Not Yet (horn)
5. LESTER BOWIE – Organic Echo (trumpet)
6. DAVE HOLLAND – Flurries (bass)
7. MORTON FELDMAN – Intermission 6 For One Or Two Pianos (piano)
8. RAJESH MEHTA - Diftones (horn)
9. IANNIS XENAKIS – Rebonds (percussion)
10. ANTHONY BRAXTON – No. 118f (saxophone)
11. MIKE PATTON – A Lizard With The Skin Of Woman (voice)
12. DAVE HOLLAND – Under Redwoods (bass)
13. SAINKHO NAMCHYLAK – Aura (voice)
14. KESHAVAN MASLAK – One Million Little Russians (sax)
15. RAJESH MEHTA – Orka (horn)
16. LESTER BOWIE – Charlie M. (trumpet)
17. IANNIS XENAKIS – Keren (trombone)
18. MORTON FELDMAN – Piano For Four Hands (piano)
19. LAURENZ PIKE – Drums For Fun & Finess (drums)
20. IANNIS XENAKIS – Tetras (strings)
21. DAVE HOLLAND – Spheres (bass)
22. MIKE PATTON – Guinea Pig 1 (voice)
23. ANTHONY BRAXTON – Just Friends (sax)
24. GENE KRUPA & BUDDY RICH – Battle (drums)

** NOTE: Art work is based on an old ESP-Disk Flyer packed with Vinyls.


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Posted on Sunday the 01st of November, 2009 by Philip Sherburne
oh no! the link is dead, but this looks amazing... is it still available online anywhere?


Posted on Thursday the 05th of November, 2009 by Gerrit Elbrink
Hi Philip, thanks for the tip, I put a player with download button in the artice! Best wishes...