Joystick to midi

Written by Durk Kooistra on Thursday the 26th of February, 2009
pic by Hollymer CC. In pic; Tim Exile.

The first time i've seen a musician use a joystick on stage was by the Dutch act Sobchek, an electronic music laptop ensemble that combines a variety of styles (Breakbeat/Electro/Glitch) to create new music. The live performance of this group of young musicians is very energetic and they use joysticks to control various effects (plug-ins) and to trigger events.

They use the software program JunXion v4 a Mac OSX data routing application that can process 'sensors' from any HID (joysticks, mice, touchscreens).
I searched the web and came up with 3 free alternatives to the piece of software Sobchek uses. The free alternatives are for Windows only I am afraid.

Software Joystick (DirectInput) to MIDI Adapter for Windows

This is a translator application that will grab events from a DirectInput compatible joystick controller and generate MIDI commands. It can be used to control MIDI-compatible hardware or software. Itís very flexible, allowing you to define your own input events and their associated MIDI commands.


MIDIJoys is a recently developed program that combines two independent fully programmable joystick controllers, and Continuous MIDI Controller programmable sliders that can send a wide spectrum of MIDI control parameters. You can use the Joystick and sliders to input MIDI data in real time to your synthesizer or sequencer.

Rejoice Rejoice will convert your Joystick or P5 Glove into a MIDI controller. Up to 1000 Button/Axis/POV actions on your joystick can be mapped to MIDI controllers.

This last one was tested by our very own Maartez and got the vote of approval. Keeping you posted on Mac versions!


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