Stretch your heart out

Written by Daan Hendriks on Monday the 27th of April, 2009
Time stretching - one of those things you tend to do often when you regularly muck about with sound. And in some cases, especially when creating cinematic, abstract sound effects, you just want to stretch your source material to extreme lengths. Usually this results in nasty artifacts, but Paulstretch 2.0 does the hardcore stretch job in a delightfully smooth way...

Paulstretch 2.0, or Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, is a free standalone app that does exactly what it promises: extreme time stretching. It's absolutely brilliant for raw sound effects creation, and certainly also offers a lot of musical potential.

Download it here (Linux and Windows)
Visit the main site here

In the author's on words:

I added the most requested feature: an time-dependent stretcher (eg: you can start stretching 10x a the beginning and get 100x stretching at the end of the file). To make this possible, I wrote an powerful envelope editor.

Another addition is the arbitrary frequency filter (it works like a free envelope equalizer). Also, the sound's harmonics can be spread to make a very dense "chorus" effect (or to transform the sound to noise). Another big feature is an binaural beats generator (which shift the frequencies from L/R channels in opposite directions). Of course, this is driven by a free envelope which allows you to vary the beats frequency according to the position of the input audio. Another small but useful addition is the 32 bit WAV rendering.


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