Welcome to the new site

Written by Daan Hendriks on Sunday the 17th of May, 2009

Welcome boys and girls to the beta version of our new website. Humanworkshop has been around for about ten years now, and over time, we've seen many iterations of our home base.

It all started around 1999, with Gerrit and Daan setting up two Hotline servers (whoever remembers that file sharing network?) as a grainy, dodgy sample provider with totalitarian house rules that forced our poor guests to download one of our tracks before gaining access to the sample sweetness.

In the meantime, we created some weird and wonderful web pages related to our music, some of which are funnily enough still online -> old site 1 / old site 2.

Then we became slightly more organised, launching a true website somewhere in 2000/2001 that mainly operated as a forum where people could download our music and upload their own tunes. Also, Remus joined Humanworkshop after we met each other during our Audio Design course. Due to all the spam and nonsense that arose on our open platform website, we gradually moved to a more closed system, setting up a net label along the way.

The year 2004 saw our first official album, which did surprisingly well. This was a reason to release some more CD albums and do another major website overhaul, introducing the logo and all other graphic design you can still see today.

In the years that followed, we slowly became more professional, each one of us moving into a career of audio production for media and that sort of thing.

By the end of 2008, we had become real good friends with Durk, who had set up the very cool netlabel fant00m, which was musically much like the Humanworkshop sound. Also, fant00m operated as a kind of e-zine, offering articles and tutorials. Well, we thought, that's just what we need innit, and so it happened that fant00m merged with Humanworkshop.

And here we are today. The website is brand new, and thanks to the merger with fant00m we've got a whole lot more content on offer. The forum has disappeared, and so has the large sample library, but we think this is for the best. Some of it might return at a later point. Please bear with us as we will add improvements and updates to the site over the next few months. Also, we've got a few other things lined up... More on that later!


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