Updated ID3 Tags and Humanworkshop @ Last-FM

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Wednesday the 03rd of September, 2008
The ID3 Problem

OK, we've been stupid. How stupid do you ask? Well, to be completely honest with you, terribly stupid as it turns out! We have been hosting our music for free at Humanworkshop.com for over 8 years now, and only lately have we noticed that our ID3 tags are one big mess. To try and fix this enormous stupidity we have re-uploaded all the mp3's on the site including appropriate ID3 tags.

Now we're calling on all Humanworkshop fans! If you are a proud fan of our music, please help us get our message spread by doing the following:

1: Download all our tracks again! If you only have a couple of our tracks you can use the normal procedure for downloading. If on the other hand you try to maintain a complete copy of our on-line catalogue, it would be best to download the complete “Humanworkshop Mp3 Update Pack” below: !! 860MB, DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LIVE OR DJ SETS !!

Download the Humanworkshop Mp3 Update Pack!

2: Get the Last-FM Audio Scrobller installed in order to make sure that every time you play one of our tracks this event is listed on Last-FM!

Two easy steps which will both your and our lives a lot easier...

What's this Last-FM business?!

Good question! Last-FM is an attempt to turn the music industry upside down. On their website visitors can listen to all their favourite (well known) artists for free! Also one has the option to listen to similar artists related to the artist one is enjoying. All in all it's a great way to discover new music, but there's more to it then just that.

By installing the Last-FM Audio Scrobller, Last-FM will keep track of everything you hear. Based on your listening habits it will then construct a musical profile which is used to recommend you new music, suggest people as a friend who have the same musical preferences or even keep you posted on events hosting your favourite artist in your neighbourhood.

After extensive testing of the tool we can say it's a brilliant invention, and it's going to get HUGE! SO please don't hesitate; get your ar$e over to the Last-FM website, install the software and live a happier life!

Examples of Humanworkshop Artist's Last-FM pages:

Leisure-B | Remus | BASIC | Menno | Tonfilm


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