Create mirrors of websites easily...

Written by Daan Hendriks on Monday the 18th of May, 2009
Let's say you're a web developer and see a cool website that you want to download locally in order to use it as a template. Or maybe you are a nostalgic like ourselves, and have some old websites that are still alive in dark corners of the internet without having login access to their servers anymore. In those cases, you'd definitely like a simple-to-use mirror tool that enables you to automatically download a website to a local folder on your PC.

Allow us to introduce Wget, which does exactly that sort of thing.

It's very simple to use, even though it's not having any sort of flashy interface - everything is done by the command line. You simply type in a command including the url you want to download, and off you go.

More information and downloads can be found right here.


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