Massive Flickr Update!

Written by Durk Kooistra on Sunday the 05th of April, 2009
Our notorious little collective has been around for quite some time now. The cowboys from HWS and their devoted followers are now featured in a fancy Flickr Group! Have a look ->

New Samples!

Written by Durk Kooistra on Thursday the 26th of February, 2009
To celebrate the new site, we've released some samples of bowed objects, cinematic sweeps and glitchy clicks.

SKODA for you...!

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Tuesday the 15th of January, 2008
Director Rob Lücker was looking for music to fit his controversial style, and ended up with our very own Remus as composer for the soundtrack of his newest flick “SKODA”. The film features two middle aged men, in conflict with themselves, as well as with the world surrounding them.

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