Humanworkshop Albums:

Our releases are divided over three categories. First off, there are the Official Releases: these are CD albums that are available through our webshop, MP3 retailers such as iTunes, and traditional CD retailers.

Then there are the Net releases, which comprise of albums that have been released for free on the web in MP3 format.

Also, some of our artists appear on releases by other labels, which you can find in the External Releases section.

Official Releases:

BASIC's style is defined by strong, steady hiphop- and breakbeats, atmospheric sound layers and ethnic flute melodies. He has a clever and deceptive way of extending the groovy characteristics of his style towards heavily detailed, deep and organic music.

This is one of those rare albums that appeals to virtually anyone who listens to it. It is our best selling release to date, and continues to receive praise from all corners of the world. It's hard to go wrong with this one.

Net Releases:

Illdot0 is the debut EP of Moscow based producer Alexei Kalinkin, also know as Dunai. The EP features five original tracks ranging from jazzy hip hop to modern day electronica, as well as remixes by Leisure-B and Julian Winter.

Artwork by: Uwe Schweer-Lambers
Mastering: Gerrit Elbrink

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Compilation album featuring a broad range of Humanworkshop artists and styles. All tracks are remixes of recent Humanworkshop releases.

Artwork: Uwe Schweer-Lambers, Gerrit Elbrink
Mastering: Gerrit Elbrink

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The dark yet hopeful atmospheres created in Caveone’s tracks always consist of a combination of real and synthetic sounds. Drawing influences from neurohop, western classical music and progressive rock, his sound can be described as independent and unique.

This first Album is a combination of an orchestral set up combined with a heavy drum kit and finished off nicely with neuro inspired basses and lead synths. It should be regarded as a conceptual step towards his goal of having the basis of the classical elements of his compositions performed by an actual band of trained musicians.

Upgraded gives you the strange feeling of looking back as well as in the future at the same time. With it’s dramatic lightness it’s comfortable to the ear while at the same time striking a clearly nostalgic note.

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Mastering: Steve Benford
Artwork: Eka Perdana

After a short European tour Trigg and Gusset decided to create a successor to ‘Legacy of the Witty’, entitled ‘Adagio for the Blue’. The second album sows on the thread of the first, with more accent on composition. Voiced themes supported by layered chords alternated with improvised solos. The musical duo is assisted by several guest musicians, including trumpeter Coen Hamelink, flamenco-guitarist Midas Ghijsels and double bass players Just Lavooy and Dominique Bentvelsen.

This LP has also been released as a CD and Vinyl version, which you can purchase here.

Alternatively, you can download this release as a ZIP file here:

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All tracks arranged, produced & mixed by Bart Knol
Mastered by Bob Macc

Special thanks to Stephan Raab, Stef van der Poel and our girffriends for feedback and support.

Rockstar Heaven is the debut EP of Monolog a band/collaboration between Leisure-B and the Lookman bros Bas and Ramon. Coming from their hometown in the Netherlands Bussum, the three go way back and it was meant to be that at one time they would join their musical forces.

Working with Uwe in Germany, Leisure-B and he came up with the title track "Rockstar Heaven", on which the brothers worked on for a number of days, before coming up with added value and taking it to the next level. As the different styles of Leisure and the brothers began to merge in the same direction, the rest of the songs started to pop-up instantly. The songs on the EP have different subjects and switch between personal life encounters to big subjects in history, but still actual today.

As the three are all advocating a merge between styles and are able to jump from the one to the other, the album is a musical piece that seems to feature different acts, however the EP breaths its own overall unique Monolog sound which ranges from experimental pop and rock to trip hop and breakbeat.

Artwork by: Uwe Schweer-Lambers
Photography by: Melanie Seckler

Persussion: Onny Tuhumena
Didgeridoo: Uwe Schweer-Lambers
Additional guitars by: Chris Bout
Additional guitars by: Uwe Schweer-Lambers
Additional solo guitars by: Sytze Bonte
Additional bass: Peter Pluer
Additional vocals: Sylvana de Liefde

Download alternatively as a ZIP file here:

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Keep You safe features seven tracks in a wide variety of styles, accompanied by vocals of Chloe Davies and Cat Tyson Hughes. From heavy noise based tracks to dreamy melancholic evergreens, Fire To The Stars never ceases to amaze.

Alternatively to the RAR file, you can also download a ZIP here:

Artwork by: Serina Shek

Wet basses contrasted by big textures reminding you of a spaceship entering the stratosphere. Business box means business. This release is going from down tempo, via proper trance to drum and bass. Lockjaw on the remix and Audeka broadening their horizon.
Available as free download... Yup that's right! More info at the release article.

Or download as a ZIP here:

Artwork by Specvisual

The Tail Chaser EP is the latest sonic expedition from the mad mind of Frequent, who's unique sound design and consistently mind-blowing musical architecture have netted him releases on Adapted Records, Ammunition Recordings and now on Humanworkshop with this inspiring trio of material.
Tail Chaser marks a decided departure from his typically aggressive reese-centric sound, taking a new atmospheric direction and highlighting twisted foley percussion and diverse melodic soundscapes. Make no mistake, pushing the envelope is nothing new for Frequent, and whenever possible he supports other aspiring producers in their goals to do the same. Frequent recently founded Upscale Recordings with good friend and collaborator Evoke and the Adapted Records team, supporting some of the most genre-defying music in the industry.

Alternatively to the RAR file, you can also download a ZIP here:


High quality Flac and WAV will appear in all major stores in the following 2 to 3 weeks.

After his first Humanworkshop release “Slow Movement”, Julian returns to the scene with his brand new EP “Eldrich”. The EP consists of 4 dreamy laid back tracks which are perfect for releasing tension and having one’s brain returning to an acceptable neurological state after a day in the chaotic surroundings of everyday life.

Alternatively to the RAR file, you can also download a ZIP here:

If you enjoy this release, please consider a donation or purchasing this album on CD!

Remus' brilliant soundtrack for the first enjoyable Dutch movie EVER!!! A smooth combination of traditional classical music and eastern influences, fitting the screenplay like a glove.

Warm, calm, mysterious yet accessible: those are but a few terms that apply to the sound of The 5th Season. Flamenco guitar morphed with off-beat electronica and wide orchestral sweeps, this album is both traditional and futuristic.

Since most people don't just like a certain song, but rather a particular version or cover of a composition, this leaves a wide gap for composers and producers of electronic music. With the Live In Space set up, Leisure tried to create a live environment in which new music can easily be imported and performed intuitively, while at the same time being able to create high quality recordings of the material on the fly. By cutting up the final version of the set in single tracks again, a wide arrange of versions can be created, depending on the mood of the controller and cooperation of other musicians during recording of each new performance.

Besides material from Leisure's solo project, the album also contains tracks from collaborations done over the years, including more recent projects like Polysure and Indikings, but also oldies by the likes B-Film, known from the NODE08 set.

Julian's slow an cinematic debut EP eases the senses while taking you back to a time when things were easier and the world was a cozy and loving place.

The EP contains a lot of laid back tunes with minimal drumming, accompanied by a wide range of enviromental foley sounds, which even further give the impression of travelling through the memories of things that once were.

Alltogether a great EP for either listening or for use under video productions.

Alternatively to the RAR file, you can also download a ZIP here:

Bart Knol, a.k.a Gritt also works under the Trigg moniker. A totally different style and feel. While Gritt is known for his hard hitting dubstep bangers, Trigg Is easy going, full of playfull melodies and cinematic atmospheres. It has the lofi quality of Mentz and the ethnic winks of BASIC's work. A true Humanworkshop release. Timeless cinematic electronic music.

This ''Dubstep'' EP contains six tracks, two of which composed by non-Humanworkshoppers Gritt (also know from his HWS Dubstep Mix) and IM140, who take care of the more traditional dubstep part of the EP. The other 4 tracks are by our very own Damscray, Maartez, Lysdexic and Indikings, who make sure that this EP gets delivered with a clearly recognizable Humanworkshop imprint. Shikomizue will be available free until the 1st of September, after that only available on digital mp3 outlets!!

As Dinky Toy is to date our best selling single tune, we decided we should do a remix EP. To accompany this we organised a remix competition of which we selected two winners, being Jimi Python and Lysdexic. The EP also features remixes by Humanworkshop artists Leisure-B, Remus and Daan Hendriks' new alter ego Mr Answer, alongside the original track, Dinky Toy, by BASIC.

Blending exotic, nomadic beats with a myriad of other influences, Damscray delivers a rather cinematic EP. Definitely another highlight in our ever growing net catalog.

Maartez and Frits are both talented musicians that have found an exceptional way of combining live instruments (Frits on drum) and electronic music (Maartez laptop).

Mentz has graced us with another lovely 'n dusty EP. Open your finest bottle, light your smoke, kick back and hit repeat!

Maartez delivers a wonderful beasty EP, remixing his finest tracks, resulting in a meltingpot of sub-bass tones, fierce beats and otherworldly sounds. This second release of co-founder of this lovely platform we call Fant00m is buildt on previously released and un-released material, giving you an overview of whats cooking in Maartez kitchen.

The music is best described as cinematic trip hop. Albert Khasanov (aka Damscray) from Orenburg, Russia, samples rare jazz vinyls, painting a picture with sounds, reminiscent of a Tim Burton Soundtrack.

B-Film Ltd is a one-off collaboration between B-Film (Leisure-B and Tonfilm) and ThorLtd. This set is an on the fly live mix of tracks by all three of them, recorded at Leisure-B's home.

A laidback, jazzy live set, recorded during Leisure-B's performance at Mellow Gold, a cosy little bar in Bielenfeld, Germany.

Remus treats the listener to his unique, hi-fidelity sound in this set recorded at LVC, Leiden (The Netherlands). His eloborate technique and masterful skillset is a true delight for every sonic explorer out there.

Highly recommended. Starting out with Daan Hendriks' trademark moody beats, it quickly develops to his own special blend of electronic afrobeat and thunders forward like an unstoppable train. A highly uplifting live set, just hit play and let it roll!

Mentz from The Hague makes lush cinematic jazz music. Being sample-based only, Mentz' music has that crispy vinyl flavour. This EP was released on Tokyodawn Records. Humanworkshop re-released it to ensure this wonderful music keeps finding its way to new ears for years to come.

A new tale from Belgian cut-chemist Kreng. A surprising warm and open EP where Kreng blends avant garde jazz with Spanish guitar and glitchy hip hop. "Zomer" (meaning 'summer' in Dutch) is a nice addition to Kreng's great cinematic adventures, taking you on a trip to a warm summer night, Kreng-style.

Transient and Violent Public Disorderaz (VPD) teamed up and collaborated on this special release here on Fant00m (now Humanworkshop). 4 songs out of one track that Transient made back in 1999 with (for the geeks) Modplucker Software. VPD has a thing for lofi jazzy electronika and fell in love with the 1999 track.

Sessions is a Fant00m project where artists hook up their external harddrives and share their samples, ideas and a couple of joints. The first edition is by Fant00m founders Maartez and ThorLtd, featuring heavy cinematic breakbeats. Fant00m ceased to exist in 2009, as it was merged with Humanworkshop.

Humanworkshop is proud to present Juri's Thought It Was Love EP. A wonderful trip with soothing atmospheres from Finland with love. A lush carpet of layered organic melodies and twinkling sounds. Be sure not to miss out on this beautiful release.

This second release of Fant00m co-founder is built on previously released and unreleased material, giving you an overview of what's cooking in Maartez kitchen. Fant00m ceased to exist in 2009, as it was merged with Humanworkshop.

Fant00m compiled the very best of its roster and presents in one zip file. For anyone wondering what the fuzz is all about; this is a perfect way to get introduced to the Fant00m sound. Fant00m ceased to exist in 2009, as it was merged with Humanworkshop.

Kreng brings you the haunting tale of Merope with a Callas-esque scream, thrills, squeaks and playful suggestions.

A selection of one-offs and B-sides. All of these tracks were originally created for BASIC's album Do you know the word, but were never truly finished.

Made available for free by the end of 2008, this little release marked the end of BASIC, who has since continued by the name Daan Hendriks.

Remus has always been highly productive, and so we decided to combine 22 of his older tunes into one massive free net release.

These tracks were mainly composed about 8 to 10 years ago, when he first started to dabble with drum and bass and music technology. To date, they still offer a truly unique approach on drum and bass, and sound as fresh and crisp as if they were created yesterday by an up and coming young producer.

Back in Space is a full album by Leisure-B, and as such it is outrageous that this dime is available for free. No less than 20 tracks take the listener through the very best of his work.

Ranging from uptempo, hard-hitting breakbeats to chilled out atmospheric listening pearls, his style is pure craftsmanship. Combining an enormous amount of elements into his own wayward blend of electronica, acoustica and beats, it's due to his high production values that everything sits tightly together.

B-Film was established by Leisure-B and Tonfilm in 2008, with the initial goal to perform live at the NODE08 festival. NODE08 derived from the real-time video programming environment VVVV, created by digital interior designers MESO.

This set is a recording of their gig, where they combine their individual styles and techniques into a dark blend of stomping beats and crafty cuts.

Cinematic music with a sonic coating. Organic textures with layered beats. Think in the likes of Amon Tobin, Bonobo

External Releases:

Our friends at Brighton label Cookshop Records released this critically acclaimed compilation of cool beats, electronica and cinematic plunderphonics, featuring our own Remus alongside similar underground artists.

This compilation by Belgian label La Madame Avec Le Chien features tracks by Animals on Wheels, Nautilis, Kadah/Vresky and our own fellow BASIC. Atmospheric, cinematic and glitchy would be the keywords to describe this beautiful release.

Video artist and music producer Tonfilm, member of B-Film (collaboration with Humanworkshop artist Leisure-B), made his musical debut in 2004 with Logic, a musical expression of his mathematical and visual feelings of the world.