B-Film Ltd

In a joint effort to accomplish a new degree in funky experimental music, Humanworkshop artists Tonfilm and Leisure-B, also know as B-Film, teamed up with the founder of the legendary Dutch Fant00m Records, also known by his artist name as Thor-Ltd. As B-Film Ltd they present a combination of their feel for electronic music, as well as indulging in a live interpretation of this material. The result is a thirty minute set which covers all the good things modern electronic music has to offer, from IDM to dub-step.

Music by B-Film Ltd:


Didge (live)
Exerpt Ambiance (live)
Kill Pain (live)
Larse (live)
Leptir (live)
Sfeertje (live)
Simon Q (live)
Thumbs Up (live)


Live at My House