BASIC is the former alter ego of Humanworkshop co-founder Daan Hendriks. He's got a knack for headnodding beats and catchy themes, making his music loved amongst a broad selection of listeners due to its high accessibility and originality. For his best work, check out his solo album or the compilation Humanworkshop #1 .

Music by BASIC:


Cast my shadow
Deep Sea Scrub
Dinky Toy
Do you know the word -> Original unreleased version
Fulgent Retoric Things
Humanworkshop Mashup - Tryout nr. 1
I know shit about stuff --->Do you know the word original unreleased beats version
Jackson vs Nautilis
Joanna, mother of my children
No More Neutral Days
Talk to me
Tobin vs Jackson vs CobraKiller


I Know Shit About Stuff

Do You Know The Word