Daan Hendriks

Daan Hendriks is one of those artists that creates leftfield music without alienating his audience: his trademark is catchy, almost easy-listening music, but highly detailed and engaging. Musically, think steady hiphop/breakbeats with irresistible groove, topped up with beautiful, lyrical reed and brass melodies. He used to release under the moniker BASIC, also available on our site.

Music by Daan Hendriks:


Akira vs. Konono (live)
Benin Cut-throats (live)
Cuttle Fish (live)
DJ set 1
DJ set 2
DJ Set 3
Give Me Your Love (illegal remix / live)
Lengthy Afro Set For Lidia
Mollusc (live)
More Afro (live)
Psilocataclysm (live)
Ricochet (live)
Shrink in the Bushes (live)
There Ain't No Girls Like Us (live)
Trust Us (live)


Live at Jetto Festival