Various Artists

We sometimes release just a single or a few tracks by other artists that are in some way affiliated to Humanworkshop, or who we simply like and ask if we can host some of their work. Check them out here.

Music by Various Artists:


Blackfilm HWS Mix
Crisis Management
Damaq Mix 1
Damaq Mix II
Damaq Mix III
Dinky Toy Driveby Mix
Dinky Toy Remix
DJ Set @ Studio-80
Doomoostudio HWS Set
FGT: Olreet
Footprints Vol. 10 For Human
GlitchHop Mix
Gushter Ezik
HWS Dubstep Mix
HWS mix week 31
HWS Set 2013
Kuti & Co
Kyoketsu Shoge
Label Showcase
Live @ Tronic
Live in Amsterdam
Mad EP HWS Mix 1
Menno - Serious Nonsense [IDM Mix]
Nomolusk - Au Gre De La Houle
Nomolusk - Bassmatic Rise
Nomolusk - God Might Be You
the Matrix 2.0
Unsung Urban Wisdom




Dinky Toy Remix EP

Soundbites Vol.2

Tail Wagging Music

Fant00m Session 1

Fant00m Compiled

Humanworkshop #1