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Compact Discs:

€ 8.99

Julian is back in the workshop with this brand new EP Eldrich, featuring 4 laidback dreamy tracks. Available for download now, coming on iTunes soon!

€ 9.99

Julian's slow an cinematic debut EP eases the senses while taking you back to a time when things were easier and the world was a cozy and loving place.

Official releases:

€ 9.99

BASIC's style is defined by strong, steady hiphop- and breakbeats, atmospheric sound layers and ethnic flute melodies. He has a clever and deceptive way of extending the groovy characteristics of his style towards heavily detailed, deep and organic music.

€ 9.99

Warm, calm, mysterious yet accessible: those are but a few terms that apply to the sound of The 5th Season. Flamenco guitar morphed with off-beat electronica and wide orchestral sweeps, this album is both traditional and futuristic.

€ 19.99

This is one of those rare albums that appeals to virtually anyone who listens to it. It is our best selling release to date, and continues to receive praise from all corners of the world. It's hard to go wrong with this one.

Done deals:

€ 27.99

The three official Humanworkshop CD album releases for €22,99. You save €7,-

€ 37.99

The three official Humanworkshop releases, plus t-shirt and lighter, all in one buy. You save €10,-

External releases:

€ 9,99

This compilation by Belgian label La Madame Avec Le Chien features tracks by Animals on Wheels, Nautilis, Kadah/Vresky and our own fellow BASIC. Atmospheric, cinematic and glitchy would be the keywords to describe this beautiful release.

€ 9.99

Video artist and music producer Tonfilm, member of B-Film (collaboration with Humanworkshop artist Leisure-B), made his musical debut in 2004 with Logic, a musical expression of his mathematical and visual feelings of the world.