Humanworkshop Services:

Welcome to the services section of Humanworkshop. This is where we showcase our sound design work and the various special projects we’ve done so far. A recent selection of our work can be found below:

Veronica - Superguide
THX Trailer: Sphere

We operate as a loose collective. Every one of us initiates his own projects and pursues his own dreams. However, we release our work under the Humanworkshop banner and often collaborate on projects.

This work ethic enables us to be extremely flexible, and as a result every member of our team is highly specialised in their own field. Amongst us, we combine over 30 years of experience in sound design and music production for film, web, games and commercials. Also, we organise music technology workshops, offer audio recording services and perform live in various capacities.

Even though all of our members are Dutch, we are spread out over Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Please feel free to reach us in any of the languages for any questions you might have regarding our services. Use our contact page for detailed information.