Stephan Raab

mentz is stephan raab making music between work, coherent conversations and daydreams. After getting a 1.44 floppy disk from a good friend with the MSdos based fasttracker2 music software packed on it, his new addiction was born. Now, some 12 years later, his love for this stuctured and at the same time somehow limited way of samplebased music making still remains. Using different software and tools, but still building loops, skits and sketches out of sampled old records, documentaries and several instrumentalists.

After a few years of online netlabel releases (tokyodawn & scientific) and being featured on a few limited copy compilations, it's been quiet for some time now. But don't be fooled, the silence was only to work on new material of which you can hear a few examples on this space.

About the music:

"Maybe you've seen the movie? Broken Flowers, when Bill Murray puts it up so profoundly, “The past is gone, the future has not arrived yet, so.. I guess all we have is this”.
I get a similar feeling when listening to Stephans music.. It's like entering a room, an extremely large room, where strange things start to builds up slowly and all I need to do is watch things happen. Like Bill Murray says “all we have is this”. Right now i am sitting in a room, like you are propably, and “all we have is this”?! Shit! ..Sometimes it's hard to face, the four white walls, pain in the back and the chronic lack of money. But when listening to Stephans music, life doesn’t seem to be a bad deal after all.. Living, breathing and listening to this beauty-full music that seem to have magical nature to paint the walls around me with all the colours of the rainbow." - Jaakko Autio 2007

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