Sound Design portfolio:

THX cinematic trailer by Uwe Schweer-Lambers with sound by Gerrit Elbrink. Dolby 7.1 Mix by Sense Sound's Herman Pieete at Cinemeta, Amsterdam.

Short animation by Uwe Schweer-Lambers with sound by Gerrit Elbrink

We were asked to do the composition and sound design for this infomercial commissioned by The Ad Agency.

We did the sound design for the very successful Burrito bison series.

We made bespoke sounds for the FPS middleware tool. FPS Control has a new addition featuring gun handling, loading and firing sounds.

We were asked to do the sound design for the anime shooter Robotoru II by Berzerk Studios for Adult Swim.

Sound design and composition for infomercial by Crooked Line for MCR.

Remus reflects Rob Lucker's intense dark style with his soundtrack for the dramady short "WALZER".

Sound design for a commercial for Phase One.

Sound design and composition / recording for short short animation by Wip Vernooij.

Sound design and music composition for an existing music video clip by Equiloud.

Sound design for a introduction video of a small design company in Switzerland, Style 4 Life. Music also from Humanworkshop: Juri Days Before

A new short film by Henning Worm featuring music by Humanworkshop artists Damscray, Tonfilm and Remus.

Creating sound effects for a short documentary film recorded on location in China.

Music, sound design, production, footage.

Sound design and music production.

This is a beta trailer for the upcoming game Mole Control. We created all music and sound effects for this game. As soon as the game launches, we will update our portfolio with more examples of our work for this project.

Sound design and music production for Nike.

Sound design for physics, special game events and some weapons for this download title (Xbox360/PC) to be published by Ubisoft in 2009. The game title has not yet been made public, as soon as it is announced we will update this portfolio item.

Composition and sound design for a BBC trailer

Composition and sound design for web TV

Sound design for brain game

Sound design for short film. Style-wise the sound required interplay between a dream-like atmosphere and realism, with a lot of suspense and tension.

Music production and sound design for leader video of Cool Media Hot Talkshow.

Audio logo for TV commercial