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Download: HWS Set 2013

Exclusive Humanworkshop label showcase mix by Mr. Anwser for the Belgium radio show "Down met de Dannies".

E-Zine: Updated Mp3 Update Pack!

We now feature a new RAR file containing all the Mp3s on the site, including the new releases! 16 Eps and 6 albums, free of charge.

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 33

This week's DJ sets are all about breaks and groove, with contributions from DoomooStudio and Daan Hendriks.

E-Zine: Daan Hendriks live in Vilnius, March 27th

It has been a quite long time since Daan Hendriks (formerly known as BASIC) played a live set, but on March 27th 09 he will be back from the land of the silent at the Satta Bar/Club in Vilnius, Lithuania. He was invited by Lithuanian DJ/Promoter coll

Download: Joanna, mother of my children

A never finished tune by BASIC (r.i.p.), now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC. Pretty fly tune actually.

Download: I know shit about stuff --->Do you know the word original unreleased beats version

Originally conceived as part two of 'Do you know the word', this eventually got ditched and both tracks were compiled into one, which made it to the album. In celebration of the Death of BASIC. R.I.P bruv.

Download: Do you know the word -> Original unreleased version

The original version of 'Do you know the word', the title track of BASIC's (r.i.p.) solo album . Now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC.

Download: Deep Sea Scrub

A never finished tune by BASIC (r.i.p.), now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC.

Download: Humanworkshop Mashup - Tryout nr. 1

One of BASIC's early steps into the realm of mixing, mashing up Humanworkshop tunes into some sort of MP3J-set. Basically he's just playing around with a couple of his favourite oldies by Remus and Leisure-B, and himself.

Download: Talk to me

Yet another unfinished tune from winter 2004. Quite an emotional little tune actually. Give it a shot.

Download: Cast my shadow

Another unfinished track from winter 2004, when BASIC was working on tracks for Humanworkshop #1.

Download: Birds

BASIC was working on this tune during the production of

Download: Tobin vs Jackson vs CobraKiller

A strictly illegal combination of the following three tracks: Amon Tobin - Rosies, Michael Jackson - Billy Jean and Cobra Killer - Mund Auf, Augen Zu. Combined for your pleasure by mr. BASIC.

Download: Jackson vs Nautilis

A strictly illegal mashup of the following two tracks: Michael Jackson - Billy Jean Nautilis - 888

Download: BASIC and Remus live collaboration 09/04/05

First collaboration of Remus and BASIC, live at the )toon) festival. More info overhere

Download: live @ Toon Festival (2004)

BASIC being in great shape here with a dub-fueled and resonant set at )toon) festival 2004. This set differs hugely from any other BASIC work we have on record.

Download: Live on No Breaks Radio, 26-11-04

A dirty and pumping set, as performed on No Breaks radio []. yo we've

Download: Live, October 3rd 2004

Recording of BASIC's live set on October 3rd, 2004.

Download: Dinky Toy

This is the third track from the Humanworkshop #1 CD by artist BASIC. The song is quite groovy, almost like ethiopian jazz, with rolling breaks and catchy solo's. Check it out before we remove it from the free downloads list!

Download: Fulgent Retoric Things

A beautiful, one-off tune from 2003, with crisp sound and jazzy mood.

Download: No More Neutral Days

This track was originally produced for the Humanworkshop #1 album by BASIC. If you own the album, and listen carefully to this song, you should be able to tell which track number it was destined for.