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Download: Sleazy Dinky

E-Zine: The Dinky Toy Remix EP

Find out who are the winners of our Dinky Toy remix, and download a fabulous EP while you're at it.

Download: Dinky Toy Remix

A remix of BASIC's Dinky Toy. Jimi Python was one of the two winners of the remix competition we organised in late 2009.

Dinky Toy Remix EP (The album)

As Dinky Toy is to date our best selling single tune, we decided we should do a remix EP. To accompany this we organised a remix competition of which we selected two winners, being Jimi Python and Lysdexic. The EP also features remixes by Humanworksh

Download: Hot Wheels (Dinky Toy remix)

Remix of Dinky Toy by BASIC.

E-Zine: Dinky Toy Remix Competition has closed!

The Dinky Toy remix competition has now officially been closed! We will review all submissions, the winners will be announced at the 1st of February, 2010.

E-Zine: Dinky Toy remix competition

Remix the most popular Humanworkshop tune ever released! Sound interesting? Please read further and download the sample pack!