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E-Zine: Ujo artist interview with Leisure-B

Ujo was looking for people to discuss their new product line with, and Leisure was happy to oblige!

E-Zine: A foundation of fools

After working with Firnwald on his Obscure Mountain Lore project, Leisure-B decided to take it one step further by taking a shot at remixing his favourite Firnwald track, Der Narren Verlangen.

E-Zine: HWS has gone viral!

Stay inside, hide from the swine flue and spread our music from behind your computer instead! HWS is going viral without any risk to your health!

E-Zine: Updated ID3 Tags and Humanworkshop @ Last-FM

OK, we've been stupid. How stupid do you ask? Well, to be completely honest with you, terribly stupid as it turns out! We have been hosting our music for free at for over 8 years now, and only lately have we noticed that our ID3 tag